Located in Osaka, Japan, R.S.K. Trading is a purveyor of fabrics and garments from across South East Asia. 

 At R.S.K. our belief in the continuous pursuit of quality has led us to adopt a radical approach our business. Add to that our passion to bring you premium quality fabrics from the far east markets. Our twenty seven years of experience bears testament to the strength of our commitment. Today, we supply from 7 Asian countries to customers in over 32 destinations. 

Uniquely situated, we stock and supply no minimum shirt, suit, knit and denim fabrics. We also produce OEM garments and accessories. See below for more details.

Quality is the result of a carefully constructed company fabric. It has to be the fabric of the company, not a part of it.
— Rajesh Wadhwa

small minimum shirting fabrics  

We supply never-out-of-stock (NOS) fabrics along with Spring & Summer (SS) and Autumn & Winter (AW) fabrics produced in Japan, China and Vietnam. These collections are primarily intended for wholesalers and garment labels looking to purchase a variety of designs without any minimum order quantity (MOQ) restraints. The thread counts start from 40s and run up to 140/2s in various finishes in Linens, Oxfords, Melange galore. Seasonally, we offer close out stock lots at attractive prices as well.

No minimum suiting fabrics

Our suit fabric collection comprises of  100% Wool, Wool Polyester blends and TR fabrics. The supply chain is uniquely set up to offer price points at no minimum ( for tailors)  and wholesale (garment label & wholesalers).  Sourced from Japan, China and India, we are able to supply from various stock points depending on your needs. Furthermore, we deal in Mitsubishi Rayon and Teijin formal black suiting often used for women's pant suits. This collection is in two parts: a never-out-of-stock series, and seasonal fancy wears. 




 As we stock and sell fabrics, it is only natural that we are able to go the extra mile and provide a full supply chain solution. Most of our shirt production is based in Vietnam, while our suit production is in China. We are able to offer a low minimum per color production for shirts, and no minimum production for suits. 


Japanese denim is world over renowned for its quality and tedious production process from the spinning all the way to it's finishing. Our fabric offerings vary across 6 to 17 ounces from vintage looms to classic, stretched and,selvage denim. 



Operating under the label 'Ameli', we offer scarves, stoles and jacquards sourced from India. Recently, Baruffa Cashwool yarns have become popular offering a lightweight 12 micron warm scarf for the harsh winters. Our other products include wool, cashmere, silk, linen and viscose. To learn about the Ameli process, watch the video below!

Monozukuriour company philosophy

 mono= ‘thing’ zukuri ‘process of making’; 

Monozukuri is about having a state of mind, the spirit to provide not only excellent products but also have the the ability to constantly improve the production system and its processes.

We at R.S.K. have always sought to con- tribute through the Monozukuri philosophy – an all encompassing approach to supply chain management. In its application of Monozukuri to the production of textiles, R.S.K. has pursued a sustainable method of dealing in textiles that are consumer friendly, reliable and comfortable. Monozukuri is also about deeply respecting the individuals who do the job since there is no mindless repetition. As in craftsmanship, at R.S.K., ‘bring our mind to work’ and are fully empowered and trained to deal with different situations creating an elevated sense of ownership. 
At R.S.K., we gain an intrinsic satisfaction in what we do. In this concept, making textiles (Monozukuri) is also making us (Hitozukuri) because we are instilled with pride and passion for our job. Throughout history challenges, large and small, have reinforced the R.S.K. Monozukuri discipline and stoked our passion for innovative fashion. 

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